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It’s National Park Week!

Happy National Park Week! All 52 weeks of the year are good chances to go to a national park, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, this is the week to go! The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees to all national parks from April 18-26th.

This past weekend, I visited the beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore, listened to a park ranger talk about the gray whale migration, saw a mother whale and her pup, dipped my toes in the freezing Pacific water, and hiked/strolled out to Cliff Rock. It was a wonderful day trip, despite the overcast and fog that hid miles of coastline. Looking forward to going back on a clear day, and maybe camp!

In March, I visited Zion National Park again, but instead of going up the main road through the park, my colleague/friend, Tina, and I decided to check out the less traveled Kolob Canyon area. We got to hike the trail to the Kolob Arch in near-solitude. To be totally honest, the arch was underwhelming, mainly because there is not really a good angle to get a sense of how big the arch is. But this is one example where the journey was more important than the end goal. The views along the way were as incredible as anywhere else in the park.

And those were my national park adventures this past month! Which park(s) will you be exploring this week?



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